Here at Gilwood, we produce a variety of heating and cooling coils according to bespoke specifications. We use a series of materials which are carefully selected according to the application and conditions of operation. Typical materials include titanium and stainless steel.

Product types include spiral coils, plate coils, pancake coils, serpentine coils and helical coils, which are used for heating and cooling in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, paper, food, nuclear power, sub-sea, cryogenic, and bio technology industries. Fully formed and welded, we can manufacture coils in most sizes. Please contact us for further details.

With maximum efficiency, our coils can significantly reduce production costs with their capacity to control temperatures accurately. Gilwood coils can be manufactured as a single coil and then welded to the vessel. We can supply single and multiple zones as well as dual circuit.

Our specialist coiling machinery is capable of coiling varied pipe work grades. We also supply conventional full jackets, dimple jackets, trace heating, electric blankets, shell and tube heat, as well as hairpin tube bundles and exchangers and condensers.

These premium quality products allow for considerable savings and cost efficiency, obtaining high flow rates and high pressure, which increase heat transfer and ultimately reduce heating and cooling times.

All of our coil products adhere to SEP and Customer Standards and are tested via Non-Destructive Methods (NDT) including Leak Test and Hydraulic Pressure Test. Finishing includes bead blasting, polishing, electro polishing, pickling and passivating.

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"I use Gilwood fabricators for our stainless steel vessels and plant assembly work because of their first rate quality and keen pricing.  I am always very pleased with the detailed job knowledge of Gilwood employees, and find their attention to that detail reassuring."

Graham Burrell - Linde Cryoplants Ltd