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Heat Treatment

External sub-contractors carry out Heat Treatment for the testing and inspection of fabrications produced by Gilwood. This test has consistent and reliable results which ensure that product performance can be maximised. We can advise on the most suitable method of Heat Treatment according to individual specifications, and all testing and inspection carried out conforms to current safety regulations and relevant quality standards.

Heat Treatments are employed to change the physical properties of materials by cooling or heating them to make them harder, softer, or modified, without altering their shape. This technique is used most often because of its capabilities in strengthening metals but it can also be used to improve manufacturability.

The treatment also provides a stable fabrication to the finished machine, and takes out the stresses coursed by forming and welding. Techniques include annealing, quenching, case hardening, precipitation strengthening and tempering. All work of this kind conforms to strict standards and quality assurance.

Other Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Most industrial components need Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in order to discover cracks, corrosion or flaws in the fabrication. Carried out by third parties, Gilwood provide a range of NDT services in order to enhance the quality and operational efficiency of all our products.

As well as the tests carried out in-house, our most commonly used tests include: X-Radiography, Gamma Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Ultrasonic Inspection (UTI) and Hardness Testing. Each of these processes is carried out under strict controls in accordance with the relevant standards to ensure that our high quality fabrications are perfectly functional and safe.

NDT is carried out in order to ensure a fault-free product and longer in-service safe life, as well as detecting the likelihood of failure on old products.   Products will need to be monitored and tested on an ongoing basis in order to prolong the reliability, efficiency and safe working life of plant, machinery and equipment.


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"Poole Projects Ltd (Paper Making Engineers) have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Gilwood Fabricators.The quality of their work is outstanding, as is their willingness to assist and cooperate from enquiry stage through design, manufacture and delivery.The paper industry often puts demanding timescales on its suppliers and in these circumstances Gilwood have always been prepared to go the extra mile."

John Poole - Poole Projects Ltd