Bio-Technologies Industries - Mixing Vessels

Gilwood are fabricators of a range of mixing vessels such as the conical bottom vessel, dished end bottom vessel and flat bottom vessel, complete with heating jackets and finishing services.

Manufactured using a selection of superior quality materials, our mixing vessels are durable and excellently-crafted by our team of specialist welders and craftsmen. Our mixing vessels are suitable for a range of applications including among others the mixing of food, paint and chemicals in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, paper, food, nuclear power and bio technology industries. Our mixers are carefully designed for each individual operation.

We can fit any of our vessels with mixers designed by Gilwood engineers or by clients, and our range includes the following features: top and side entry, clamp on, anchor, gate stirrers, multi-impellor, hygienic magnetic mixers, high shear, motorised, hydraulic lifts, contra-rotating, dual and variable speed, scraped wall, and emulsifiers and dispersers. Our products also include agitators and insulation, heaters, coils and dispensers. We appreciate the importance of getting the right mixer for your operations.

All products are manufactured with a fully welded construction and have maximum dimensions of up to 5 metres in diameter and 30 tonnes in weight. In order to ensure the highest possible quality of our products, we adhere to CE, PED, PD 5500 Cat 1, 2 and 3, ASME VIII Div I U Stamp, China Special Equipment Licence, SQLO, M Stamp, ISPESL, AD-Merkblatter, Stoomwezen and other international codes.

All of our mixing vessels are carefully inspected and tested on site before despatch, in order to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and quality. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) includes Leak Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test, Vacuum Test, Heat Treatment and Proof Load Test. Products can be finished with a range of processes including bead and shot blasting, polishing, painting, pickling and passivating, as well as glass or rubber lining and electro polishing, depending on size.

Our expert team are highly aware of the different factors involved in finding the perfect mixing solution and have the knowledge and experience to make sure that we can serve the client with the best possible mixing product.

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"I use Gilwood fabricators for our stainless steel vessels and plant assembly work because of their first rate quality and keen pricing.  I am always very pleased with the detailed job knowledge of Gilwood employees, and find their attention to that detail reassuring."

Graham Burrell - Linde Cryoplants Ltd