Petrochemical - Storage Vessels

Gilwood Fabricators produce storage vessels of all dimensions and for all purposes, including liquids and gases such as chemicals, paints, adhesives, paper and pulp, cosmetics and inks, which have a fully-welded construction.

Gilwood storage vessels are used in a wide range of applications both on- and off-shore, including the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, paper, food, nuclear power and bio technology industries, for the storage of large batch or bulk product.

Our highly-specialised welding process and handling ensures a superior-quality vessel. In a variety of materials, including stainless steel, all our storage vessels are produced in accordance with quality standards BS 2654, 2594, 799, API 650 and other international codes which allow for the manufacture of vertical and horizontal steel welded storage tanks with butt-welded shells.

Any storage vessel, including vertical cylindrical tanks, horizontal cylindrical tanks, rectangular tanks and multi-compartmental cylindrical or rectangular tanks, can be fabricated in-house up to a 6-metre diameter and maximum weight of 30 tonnes.

Testing carried out includes all levels of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as Leak Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test, Vacuum Test, Heat Treatment and Proof Load Test.

Products can be finished using several techniques, including bead or shot blasting, polishing, pickling and passivating, and painting. Products can be glass or rubber lined and electro polished depending on size. 


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"Poole Projects Ltd (Paper Making Engineers) have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Gilwood Fabricators.The quality of their work is outstanding, as is their willingness to assist and cooperate from enquiry stage through design, manufacture and delivery.The paper industry often puts demanding timescales on its suppliers and in these circumstances Gilwood have always been prepared to go the extra mile."

John Poole - Poole Projects Ltd